Working with Cintamani


"If you have a cintamani stone you need to understand it will put you on an accelerated growth path. It will put you in accelerated purification process. This stone is a powerful stone. It is not just a piece of dead matter. It is alive with energy. It will not put any negativity in you but what it will do it will provoke whatever is within you and put it closer to the surface so you might be able to see it, watch it, observe it and release it. And for some people it means releasing strong emotions, for some people it means releasing belief systems. For some people sometimes it depends on the carrier of the stone, so there are no rules of how to deal with this stone. You need to communicate with the stone. It is a living being, it’s not just a piece of matter. It’s a very intelligent guide that can help you go through a process, but know that the process can get sometimes intense." ~ Cobra

To work with the Cintamani it is recommended to simply have physical contact with the stone during meditation.

It is not necessary to pair Cintamani with any other mineral, but should you ever choose to do so...

Best crystals to pair with Cintamani:

~ Aquamarine
~ Moldavite
~ Quartz (with the exception of Tibetan quartz)

Best metals to pair with Cintamani:

~ Silver
~ Gold
~ Platinum

Differences between gem grade (translucent) Cintamani and regular grade (opaque) Cintamani:

Basically the transparent stones are focused more on bringing higher energies and a little bit more refined, while the opaque stones are better for grounding those particular energies.

Further information about Cintamani can be found here (under the "Liberation of Earth" tab):

Advanced technique:

Cintamani stones are the famous Blue Stones of Atlantis. Blue Stones, called also Blue Apples, were used by Cathars to open portals:

 ~ ~ ~

"Debra: You have mentioned in the past that the Cathars used Cintamani stones to open portals. Can you explain why they were doing this and what purpose those portals served?

Cobra: Some of the highly initiated, those Cathars who were initiated to higher grades of their order and some of the Templars who were also initiated into the Goddess mysteries, used this to communicate with non-physical positive ascended beings and also ascended Goddesses, such as Goddess Isis. They were using Cintamani stones to create a portal to connect the physical plane with higher dimensions and they were quite successful sometimes.

Debra: Would you suggest that members of the Sisterhood of the Rose use their stones to open portals like this?

Cobra: If they're capable and they are skilled enough, yes.

Debra: What skills would be required to do this?

Cobra: First they would need to have enough understanding, both intuitively and mentally, of how this kind of portal works. This is advanced work, it’s not for everybody."